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How does it work ? What are my ordering options?


Each week there is a rotating menu with a few standard items. Order as much or as little as you need.

Order anytime from Wednesday - Saturday at noon for pick up at Yardley Bagel Cafe from 4:30-6:30 Mon

Q: What if I want something special? A: Special requests will be reviewed as needed and if possible will be accommodated. Please email or call us for assistance.

Q: Can I pay by cash or credit card? A: Yes you can pay by venmo or credit card on line or by check or cash in person prior to the close of the ordering cycle. If looking to pay by cash please make arrangements in advance via email or text.

Q: Do I have to order every week? A: No order when you need our help, we are here to be a flexible resource for healthy, delicious home made options for you, your friends and family.

Q: Do you do catering or special events? A: We are open to supporting your small to medium catering or special events needs please contact us to discuss details via phone or email.

Sample menu format


Homemade Soups and Chili

Ordering options include 2 choices of homemade soup each week, available in small  (9-10 ounces) or a little bit more (13-14 ounces). Most often Vegetarian and Vegan options.  Our meatless chili is always on the menu available in the two sizes as well.

Salad, Pasta and Sides

Each week a rotating salad is available with or without cheese  for vegan and vegetarian options. For those with a more traditional diet adding grilled chicken is always an option. 

A vegan and traditional pasta (hot or cold) often appears on the menu providing a family style selection. There is also an individual or family size turkey meatballs as a standing menu item.

Vegetable Quiche Vegan or Traditional

Our vegetable quiche is rich and creamy in either the egg-less vegan version or traditional style. You will find caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach in these healthy, delicious individual or shareable servings. 


2 to 3 selections available each week with the focus on vegan and vegetarian options, though we will typically include a traditional meal with chicken, turkey or seafood  so we can accommodate multiple food choices. Entrees can be purchased in individual in standard portions or you can select to add " a little bit more" when you order food online at saucyskitchen.com


Of course we want to include a treat or two for those who like to enjoy the sweeter side of life. Most desserts will be vegan or vegetarian.

Detail your services

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